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“Meet Mr Thornton”

This is a clip from Episode 1 that shows the first formal meeting of Margaret Hale and John Thornton (Richard Armitage). Thornton has come to study classics with Mr Hale, who introduces his new pupil to his daughter Margaret. Margaret and Thornton have actually met before at his mill, where she saw him beating a worker whom he’d caught smoking. He had angrily ordered his overseer to get her out of the mill.

Thornton’s concern about fire in his mill was a very valid one.  One of the mills used in the filming of North and South (Queen St Mill, Burnley) suffered a major fire in the early 20th century and was partially destroyed, although the weaving shed where we first see Thornton survived the fire.


“You’re ill?”

In this excerpt from Episode 2, Margaret visits Marlborough Mills. She talks to two of the mill-workers about the rumours of a strike at the cotton mills of Milton.

“Richard Armitage interview”

This is an extract from an interview with Richard Armitage in which he talks about playing John Thornton. The full interview is on the North and South DVD.

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