North and South 2004 Bloopers


1.  Image above, shows how the merchant sign for Wine and Beer was shown in twodifferent scenes.  On the left is Thornton entering his mill yard and on the right is area outside of the Hale home.

2. Pictured above Thornton entered the proposal scene with his hat, he left without his hat, but the scene showed his gloves – which he never wore in the film.

3.  In the scene after John has told Mason that he’ll take all responsibility for the  investigation for the death of Leonards, he visits the Hales and speaks to Margaret about her indiscreet behavior of being out late.  He nears the house with only his hat, which he removes at the doorway.  He could have left his hat in the hallway table, but he did not enter the house with books in his hand.

4. When Thornton is taking his walk at the graveyard, after his mother asked him not to go and see Margaret, he is not wearing a hat. But when he returns home, the first thing you see is him placing his hat on the table.

North and South Watch Blooper

5. In the final scene at the train station a man is seen looking at his wristwatch. The story is set in 1851 (The Great Exhibition) and wristwatches were not invented until 1880.

The Case of the Lady in Brown

During the train scene, a woman (actually it was two women wearing a different bonnet, but the same coat) passed through the camera lense with very odd frequencies in the scene “takes”.

Below are the pictures of her position.

This sequence of her movements from scene 1 thru scene 10 was 1:46 minutes of live action on screen.

Below is an approximation of the Lady in Brown at the Train Scene.
> < indicate direction traveling by the Lady in Brown

One thought on “North and South 2004 Bloopers”

  1. Our members are LOVING these bloopers, some of which we’d noticed, but many others we had not. I am especially fond of The Case of the Lady in Brown. I’m absolutely certain why I missed this… I could never take my eyes off RA in the station scene. Now I must tear my attention away from him and look for her. What a hoot. Thank you so much for your site! It’s fabulous!

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