10 Years Later, ‘North & South’ Remains the Greatest Period-Drama Miniseries of All Time

4 thoughts on “10 Years Later, ‘North & South’ Remains the Greatest Period-Drama Miniseries of All Time”

  1. 21st October 2016 – just watched North and South for about the 10th time – not just for Richard Armitage’s glorious brooding – “look back, look back at me” – oh, heart-melting – and those crinkly half-smiles – but the whole cast is brilliant, conveying so much with subtle looks and body language. Why has this series not been repeated over and over again on TV? C’mon BBC, give a new batch of viewers the chance to immerse themselves in this excellent drama and lose themselves in relationship between Thornton and Miss Hale.

    • One good thing to note is that if you get Amazon Streaming (I think … could be Netflix – I have both), you can watch it anytime you want.
      I’ve never decided if I like Richard Armitage or John Thornton more ……. but love thinking about it. LOL


  2. Only just seen this series for the first time. Where was I to miss it? Its so beautiful! Love the caracters and the music is mesmerising. I thought Pride and Predujice was fantatic till I saw this. The best ever! Bring it back to our screns please.

  3. Personally, I have always loved period dramas and reread my favorite novels such as “Jane Eyre”, “Persuasion”, “Northanger Abbey”, “Pride and Prejudice” and many more, but never have I encountered such an enlightening and amazing novel as this. This series has lured me in as well as did the book. BBC has made their productions of the books better than ever. I have rewatched this and fell in love with it ever time! I would love to see it back on screen again.

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